At this moment in time from the knowing I posses I will share with you here what my thoughts are on what a twin flame is. 
Below you can find examples from our own personal experiences.

  It is a fact that as we prepare to enter into a new incarnation we agree with many of our soul family in the form of an agreement/contract to experience certain things while we are here. Some will play an intricate role and others will sort of pop in and pop out. Each one will bring lessons and experiences. We know that as we enter this 3d reality we call human existence on this earth plain, we come in under what is known as a veil and in duality.

  The veil is easy to describe, for that is quite simply that you do not remember all your past experiences. You do not remember that you are a part of the Father/Mother/God/Creator as you enter and are therefore limited beings as opposed to limitless. We come with the specific purpose of being limited so that we can create outcomes for all manner of situations during our lives. This is the creator aspect within each and every one of us.

  Duality is a little more intricate but I will do my utmost. Duality can be seen as the male/female, light/dark, yin/yang, yes/no, good/bad, right or wrong to name but a few examples. This duality also serves a purpose during our journeys. I have written several other articles about this subject which you can find here: or here so I will not go into to many details now.

  Imagine with me for a moment that their is a complete soul preparing to reincarnate. This soul knows that it will come in as either the male or female aspect of the duality. So what happens to the part that it does not come in as? 
Well, there are two possibilities, depending on the agreements made. The one half can remain behind to be a guide from the other side. Or as occasionally the case is both halves incarnate in two different/separate bodies. 
Generally when these two meet they are so much alike or each others opposites that they cannot get along. On occasions it so happens that you might have already experienced a great deal of life before ever meeting each other. When this happens and both parts have understood the awakening, been willing to travel the journey of enlightenment, that when they do meet, there is an instinctive knowing beyond all shadow of a doubt. Telepathy, empathy, feeling each others experiences, merging together on an etheric level again. When this happens many answers are provided, the veils are much thinner. If and when you find this other part of you? God Bless you. ENJOY, especially if there is nothing in your way to live out the experience together. 

Personal experiences....
I have to readily admit that the goddess/female part of us was aware of the fact that we are indeed two parts of one whole soul or if you will a twin flame. She has patiently waited for around 2 years until I caught up and became aware of what are now indisputable facts and experiences. (I thank you sweet GODDESS with all that I AM for your patience and LOVE.)

So how did I discover it, I feel you asking?
We were preparing to work together on some materials for the new modalities the Elohim Magick Keys and Agni Lords of the Elements. We both LOVE to open these sessions with some short but beautiful rituals. We first describe and feel our angel wings. (believe me, we do feel them.) Then we put out the intention to merge consciousnesses together. To do that we both center in our heart space and send a beam or blue ray up through our crown chakra into the universe. It is not important who sends out first. We se in our inner eye how those beams travel up and out into the universe in order to meet up and merge...In the beginning this was quite simply two beams/rays meeting up. Around November 2004 that started to take on a different form. As we send our rays up and out, they no longer travel directly towards each other. Until they actually joined we could not clearly see what it was. I would have to describe it as the roof of for instance the Taj Mahal or a Mosque. The important part proved to be the peek. As we began to discover this was the beginning of the formation of a powerful tool we have learned to use to both our highest potentials and connections. This tool we will describe as THE TEAR DROP! Such a magical, beautiful and wonderful gift/tool it surely must be a tear from the Creator self.

The TEAR DROP developed further...
 As we merged our beams, rays or energies however you feel to describe it, we were guided to step inside this beautiful tear drop. As we did, in the beginning we could clearly see ourselves sat side by side and holding hands on our magical hill on the Island of Texel. This in itself was a magical gift considering the distance and time differences between our physical selves and locations. As we progressed with the exercises within the Keys and the Elements in time we began to see many wonderful things taking place for instance the channeling of 11.11.2004. We see many different colors/rays, many of the Masters join us to sit and share insights and wisdom with us, we communicate from a distance much easier with each other, and we perform healings regularly for Mother Gaia while in the tear drop.

One day while entering the tear drop, during a channeling session we saw that something was different. Instead of sitting next to each other, we were now standing next to each other, arm in arm. What did surprise us was our attire. I was dressed in a magnificent Tuxedo and My Twin was dressed in a stunning wedding gown. We both had a good chuckle at this one afterwards because we are both married to different partners in this life time. Not understanding the meaning we let it go for now, although we did continue to see this vision on several occasions during further channeling's. 

It was during an intense period of learning and as is want with we humans a difficult period we were perhaps wondering if we were really meant to be working together on our future visions with the Keys and Elements. Although our LOVE for each other can not be described in earthly values/norms it is for want of a better description "extremely intense". We know that neither of us are understanding the full meaning behind it yet. As we sought answers by the Masters again, entering our tear drop a vision unfolded that took a few days to understand/comprehend. We were now standing next to each other in normal attire when in stepped Master Germaine. He placed his hands on both our backs while turning us gently so that we were face to face. He then pushed us gently towards each other. I swear that not even a feather could have fit between us. As we observed these scenes Master Germaine seemed to magicly place around our waists a ring or band of GOLD. This band/ring of GOLD was later to take on even more powerful meanings for us. Suffice to say for the moment that this ring was a band of energy that was vibrant and alive, having no beginning nor end. I was at that moment totally overcome by emotions and had to stop for a moment to re-gather myself. Yet again not understanding the meaning of it all we simply continued with the messages that the Masters wished to share with us that day.

A few days after that we got our explanation. In the first vision/channeling we were being shown how our two separate souls had found each other again and were merging more and more into oneness, the twin flame was becoming one again. We both know and are fully aware that there is much more to this than we are now understanding, yet having said that, we also know and trust that as we travel the experiences together we will grow to know and understand more. Because of the nature of the work we are embarking upon this spiritual marriage was clearly not the limit and we had done the work required together to be able to step to another level. This was translated as our souls being sealed together within this ring that no one would ever break again. None other that is than ourselves should we not prove capable of experiencing and teaching what we are experiencing together. Although something tells me that even if there is ever a break we will always return to each other. 

We have an inkling of what our journeys now hold for us, yet we are also totally aware that we are having experience after experience placed in front of us at such a rapid rate that it is almost at times too much for us. We are fully aware that our higher selves and the Masters are testing us. With each successfully completed test we are expanding to the Masters we came here to be on this side of the veil. Our/their purpose is quite clearly that we bring forth what we are learning and teach it to countless others. It will be our ego's, minds or human selves that get in the way and should that happen? Then we are also perfectly aware that the masters will simply choose another twin flame. For the time being, we are simply living the in the now, absorbing the experiences, expanding our awareness and skills. We are also trusting that when the time is right for us to step forward and start to share these magical modalities, event promoters etc will also magically be placed on our paths.

We hope you have enjoyed our sharing of our twin flame experience and that there are signals or signs around you that you can pick up on, for it is with great certainty that we KNOW there are many experiencing or starting to experience what it is to find their twin flames. It is happening all around the planet and if our sharing can assist in that process, then we are truly blessed.

Thank you for spending the time reading this article and we would request that you too make a difference in our journey by passing this on to your lists, sharing it with as many others as you possibly can, post it in your forums etc.. We for our part will trust that it reaches those that can arrange the events.
The Ambassadors of the Blue Ray,

The article above was written around 2005....(It is now Jan 2008.) In August 2007 it all became too much for one half of this beautiful Twins journey. The 3d strengthened its grip and forced an end to this magical story. I will forever remain in gratitude to the beautiful being that entered my life as my Twin Flame, for the truly magical experiences we had, the awesome things we received from Germain and others. I still shed tears on what was shown to us as our divine contract for humanity and how beautiful it could have been, though I know in my heart we are still together, it is time to forget the Physical Twin Flame experience and focus on the inner one. There will come a time in the future when we will re-unite, for this was God's promise since the beginning of time, so I trust and live out this life doing all that I can to assist humanity through the gifts we received.
Thank you my beloved OPOM for having shown up in this life time. I LOVE you, miss you terribly and I forgive you for not having the courage, trust and strength to shake the shackles of this 3d world.