"TIME" Symbol.


The "TIME" Symbol was given to us to help us see through the illusion of time. When you visualize the movement of all eight of the infinity symbols within this TIME symbol, you will enter a portal that will take you to any dimension in earth's history you wish to visit.

Left to Right top. 1 to 1.      Electric Magnetic.

This part of the TIME symbol represents the divine feminine (magnetic) and the divine masculine (electric) where the infinity symbol overlaps in the center is where both parts are brought into balance with each other.
Merged together they become the GOD Self. It takes you out of Duality into Triality.

Left bottom to right bottom = 2 to 2.  Within and from without.

We feel that this infinity symbol was given to bring into balance the choice of gaining information outside of yourself or from within. Where the two merge in the middle total truth will be found. As we go about our daily lives we get many messages from outside of ourselves and we are always being reminded that the answers are within us. This infinity symbol brings both into balance and in the center is truth consciousness.

Left top to left bottom = 3 to 3.  Above and below. (Heaven & Earth)

This part of the TIME symbol represents Mother Earth at the bottom  and at the top The Consciousness of the ALL. (GOD) When visualizing this section and intending that both are brought into allignment/balance with each other, Universal Consciousness is achieved.

Right top to right bottom = 4 to 4. Darkness and Light.

When we travelled through this infinity symbol we were shown that there are two sides to ourselves that have been limiting us. It is the acceptance without judgment of your dark or negative side, and of course, your lighter self. When the two meet and are in balance you are no longer in chaos or judgment of self.
All of us have a dark side. It is only when that dark side can be loved and brought into the light that it finds the balance of LOVE. This part of the “TIME” symbol will assist you to find that balance.


Left top to right bottom = 5 to 5. Unawareness and magic/miracles.

When becoming “Aware” it is said that it is the beginning of the healing journey. Healing is nothing other than remembering the GOD Self that you are. When these memories are activated magic and miracles do occur. This infinity symbol triggers the awareness and takes the energies into the field of creation, magic and miracles. Where they merge and meet in the center is the place of the GOD Self where nothing is impossible.

Right top to left bottom = 6 to 6. Doubt and Trust.

All of us have been faced at some point in time with doubts. When working with this infinity symbol within the “Time” symbol, It will assist you to bring the doubt energies into the field of trust. In the center is where all answers are found and given.

Central top to central bottom = 7 to 7. Boundaries and Freedom.

In the 7th infinity symbol we see on one side the word Boundaries and the other side Freedom.
When working with this infinity symbol it brings these energies together in the center and allows you to see you are unlimited beings.


Central middle left to central middle right = 8 to 8. Past and Future.

Often when looking at ones past the future can be revealed. When working with this part of the TIME symbol all ilusion of time is resolved, allowing and assisting one to be in the ever changing NOW moment.

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