Twin Flames symbol as explained
by Germain to "IMP"

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Early on a Saturday morning as "IMP" were doing the morning rituals to welcome in a new day, Germain came through with an image that was to start a sequence of events that would later provide more information about the beginning of creation itself.

     "IMP"  had a seminar planned for the following day and the timing of this message was in perfection.
The image was very clearly presented in the mind of "IMP"  and as Germain began to explain the different aspects of the symbol it became very clear how powerful and insightful the image would be.

Germain began with an image of two circles that symbolized the separate entities before remembering the Twin Flame journey.

He continued by showing the infinity symbol and described how this was the beginning of the Twin Flames journey. As the two circles come closer together and begin to form the two halves of the eight, (infinity symbol) this symbolized the beginning of the coming together of the divine masculine and the divine feminine. Through working together whether in the physical or the etheric realms they would experience within the inner eye of the heart the moving energies as it traveled around the infinity symbol. As the two energies meet in the middle it can be clearly seen as the magnetic energies of the divine feminine and the electric energies of the divine masculine. As they meet, energy is released and is not unlike sparks flying. He explains that as this happens it is like a clarion call to many entities throughout the many different houses of God who have waited for this since the beginning of creation. They have prepared and waited to rush in and support as it is requested. The significance of which and the why will be revealed later. Germain further stated that he would come back to the infinity symbol as he progressed further through the explanation of the symbol.

Germain then began to describe the significance of the triangle. The two lower corners represent yet again the divine masculine at the one and the divine feminine at the other corner. At this stage of their development the twins are very much still in duality. As the Twins work closer together in releasing old limiting patterns and ego, the flames at the very center of the triangles base would move closer together and would appear to become almost one. This is when the pinnacle of the triangle comes into play. It represents in essence the Mother Father God aspect of the merged Twins and is a sign that the Twins have moved beyond duality into triality. Which essentially means that they are now functioning almost as one being in two bodies.

This is where Germaine took "IMP"  back to the infinity symbol and referred to the many tools that we have received during our journey together. He reminded us of a particular morning when we were doing our merging ritual how we saw the infinity symbol start to change form. "IMP"  remembers this day clearly because as we observed the infinity symbol it began to vibrate very clearly at the central meeting point. It continued to vibrate and began to expand. As we observed it, it seemed to begin to unravel and instead of being two circles forming the eight of the infinity symbol it now became one large golden/silver circle. Germain continued to explain that this is the circle that we see surrounding the whole of the image. He gently reminded us that it is not a permanent state, that until we had reached a permanent state of LOVE it would fluctuate back and forwards between the infinity symbol and the circle and was a sign for us if and when there were parts of us that we were required to explore at deeper levels.

"IMP"  thanked Germain profoundly for this description and the symbol and although there was a great deal more revealed to "IMP" , this will be shared at a later date outside of this symbol explanation.
Much Love and Many Blessings,
The Twin Flames "IMP" .


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