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I have a dream….

   Over the last five years I have been blessed to bring through several seminars and workshops. Each one of them sharing in its own right and light information that has triggered memories with all of the participants. They have opened doors that have been closed for lifetimes.

  I am blessed with the voice that energetically guides listeners through activations and guided meditations to awaken to remembering who, what they are and why they are here.

  My dream is to share this information throughout Europe, the USA and Canada and from there to other parts of the world.

  In the last year circumstances have brought me into a space whereby I am free. I have no ties to bind me or hold me back. I am ready with all that I am to be in service to humanity.

  My dream is to find the means or sponsors to have the use of an RV containing all the tools that are required to allow me to travel from place to place, to share the insights and wisdom provided to me.

  I have put it out to the universe that this is my hearts desire and dream and I trust and know that the pieces of the puzzle required are falling into place. I am a person of few personal needs and my hearts desire is to be in service to the all no matter what that service is.

  Can you assist to manifest this dream? Contact me at: ian@twinflames-twinsouls.net

 Do you posses the connections that will make this possible?
 Do you posses the planning skills to manifest this?
 Do you posses the connections that will prepare the events as I travel?
 Do you posses the connections that can provide the RV?
 Do you posses the connections that can provide the satellite and or mobile tools that will allow me to remain connected to the   home base.
 Do you posses the connections to fund raising organizations?
 Do you posses the connections to promote this through the media?
Do you posses connections with charities that I could work for and with during my travels?

 Can you think of anything that I have not mentioned here yet? BE a part of this dream. Add your blend of magic and knowledge or skills to this dream. Help me to draw forth into the physical all aspects that will be required to fulfill this dream. Help me to reach out and touch as many as possible. In GRATITUDE  and GRACE I thank you in advance.

 Beloved family…. My dream is to assist wherever my travels take to play my part in bringing heaven to earth.

“PLEASE”, Ask yourself: What can I do to assist in this dream.

 PS: My suitcase is fully packed and ready to travel...